Awesome class. Gary you should place a billboard telling everyone about this class, it should be on the TV and radio. Great presentation of material, fun class never boring. I will refer all  my friends to you. Thanks Gary.

May L.​

Gray's class is thorough, comprehensive and engaging. There wasn't a single question he couldn't logically track to an appropriate answer . He is very knowledgeable

Brandi H.

Student Comments About the Classes

Gary did a great job of presenting the course material especially the section on the use of Deadly Force. "it didn't feel like an all day class" Well done.

Danny V. Attorney

Gary did and excellent job in the classroom and on the range. Well taught and organized.

Thomas R.​

I took both the beginners class and the CHL class from Gary, he was very patient and able to make me feel more comfortable and confident about  using a firearm to defend myself.

Sonja F.​

I took both the beginners class and the LTC class, Gary is an excellent instructor, I was a complete novice with a handgun and wanted to learn about  how to handle a gun. Gary instilled confidence in me to accomplish the task of learning how to effectively use a firearm.

Eleanor W.​


Awesome instructor, Gary knows the material and guns very well. Class was well taught, never boring.

Linda N.​

Great Class, Gary knows the subject material and knows how to get it across to the class. There is a lot of "do's and don'ts" in the laws, Gary teaches to everyone in the class regardless of their experience or in my case lack of experience. Gary took the time to answer everyone's questions regardless. Great class great instructor.

C. Pfrommer ​

"Great class, informative, Gary is a great hands on instructor, took time to answer any and all questions."

Cordena C. 

I truly and honestly enjoyed the class. It was well presented and communicated

brina X.​

Great class, great instructor! The class was fun, engaging and interactive all while providing valuable information as to the aspects of carrying and possible using a concealed weapon.

Sabrina X.​

Outstanding class, very clear and knowledgeable about when to use or not to use Deadly Force

Edison N.​

I really enjoyed the class. It was "Awesome", I took both the beginners class and the LTC class. I knew nothing about handguns before the class and now I feel very confidant as to the use
and laws of carrying a handgun.

Margeaux W.​

Gary is an awesome instructor. I learned a lot ,excellent course well presented,and  organized. I will tell all my friends about the class. Thanks Gary.

Linda W.​

Gary is a very skilled instructor both in the classroom and on the range. My previous CHL was from Florida and the class there met all the Florida requirements by law , but I did not feel I learned much.. I left the class today with a clear understanding and an abundance of knowledge and feel I am comfortable in handling a future situation that may involve deadly force

Windsong D.​

LTC (CHL) Classes and Firearms Training

Very well taught and put together, very knowledgeable about the laws and real world knowledge with using a handgun. I really enjoyed the class.

Justin L.​