The License To Carry class(formerly CHL class) is the state of Texas' required class for obtaining a license to carry a handgun. It includes the new "open carry laws" effective January 1 2016. The class includes your range qualification. You may qualify with a semi auto handgun or a revolver it is the same because as of Sept 1 2013 there are no more categories of handguns as of Sept 1 2013. . Once you complete the range and classroom training you will be given a certificate of training (LTC 100) which you will send to the DPS once you finish your online application for your license .

You will need a handgun and 50 rounds of brass cased FMJ ammo for range qualification. You may rent handguns and buy ammo at the range if needed.  YOU MUST ALREADY KNOW HOW TO SHOOT AND SAFELY HANDLE A HANDGUN BEFORE COMING TO CLASS. This is not a handgun training class. Again, pregnant ladies are not allowed on the range. The class is about 6 1/2 hours long including range qualification and lunch break. This class is given on Saturdays and some weekdays. Sometimes I have  an evening class. Private classes are available during the week or some Saturdays. See class schedule for more class dates. Hope to see you in class.

LTC (CHL) Classes and Firearms Training